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מדיח דלת אחת לכלי ניתוח ב 6 סלסלות - ייבוש אקטיבי- PG8592
  • PG8592 :מק"ט
  • Miele Professional :יצרן
  • :תיאור המוצר

Washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional enable the safe
and reproducible cleaning and disinfection of instruments used
by doctors and surgeons. The approach used is particularly
gentle on materials. Leading instrument manufacturers such as
Aesculap and Geuder have recommended the reprocessing of
their instruments with Miele Professional for many years.

Greater performance
The new washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional excel in terms
of the excellence of their cleaning performance combined with high
• An innovative heater pump enables both time savings and high
standards of efficiency.
• Newly developed spray arms with a revised nozzle design and
arrangement of jets ensures full spray coverage.
• An optimised water circuit and a significant increase in pump
pressure at the injector nozzles guarantees the thorough and safe
reprocessing of lumened instruments.
• 6 DIN mesh trays can now be reprocessed in a single cycle
(Capacity increased by 50% compared with previous series)

Improved efficiency
The new washer-disinfectors from Miele
Professionally convincing thanks to their sparing use of resources,
short cycle times and high capacity.
• New application-specific programmes
• Variable-speed pump for perfect spray pressure in all programme
• Economic and safe reprocessing of even the most intricate of
lumened instruments using a new central filtration system
• Low-maintenance and highly durable thanks to excellent
materials and workmanship.

Greater safety
The new high-end washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional
raise the benchmark in terms of hygiene and safety in the
reprocessing of instruments.
• Multi-stage filtration system is highly efficient in removing
particulate soil from water in circulation.
• Large-surface central filter in upper basket or load carrier
guarantees optimum protection against the blockage of narrowlumened
ophthalmological instruments.
• Reprocessing excellence is afforded by closely monitoring
spray pressure and the rotation of the spray arms in order to
prevent any loss in circulation pressure or to immediately identify
obstacles in the path of the spray arms.
• Conductivity monitoring ensures required water quality

With the many innovations on board the new PG 8582 and
PG 8592 washer-disinfectors, Miele Professional has taken
instrument decontamination onto the next level. This model
series is characterised by an intelligent combination of
completely redesigned technical components, new applicationspecific
programmes and a wide range of monitoring functions,
offering safety and efficiency in reprocessing.
Innovation for greater performance and reliability –
to the benefit of both users and patients.

Design and user interface
The modern design and the intuitive user interface make for the
incredibly simple use of washer-disinfectors in surgeries, theatres
and hospitals.
• The new control panel is the central design element and
represents an intelligent combination of door handle and control
panel. It consists of a single, flush stainless-steel surface with
embedded 'touch-on-steel' controls.
• Inclined control panel for improved legibility
• 3-line text display and intuitive user interface for hassle-free
• Programmes catering for all medical disciplines and vacant
programme slots for user-specific programmes
• Freely assignable direct-access buttons and individually
selectable programme names for fast access to routine tasks
• Flush, smooth control panel and handle surfaces for simple wipe

An easily accessible salt container in the door and the AutoClose
functions simplifies the work of those operating these machines.
• The patented door salt container has a capacity of approx. 2 kg
of salt. Replenishing the salt container no longer requires bending
or stooping as the job can be performed standing upright.
Similarly, there is no longer any need to remove heavy baskets
and load carriers to access the salt container.
• AutoClose: Gentle pressure against the door is sufficient for it
to be drawn closed and locked automatically. As a result, only a
minimum of effort is required to reliably close and lock the door.

Highly efficient drying
Depending on the model, the new washer-disinfectors feature
DryPlus hot-air drying or EcoDry to assist drying by releasing
• EcoDry: The machine door automatically opens at the end of a
programme once the temperature in the cabinet has dropped
below 70°C. Hot, moisture-laden air is released from the cabinet,
allowing the load to dry and cool down faster.
• DryPlus hot-air drying on the PG 8592 represents an ideal
solution when dealing with intricate and narrow-lumened
instruments. An upstream Class H13 HEPA filter ensures the
reliable removal of particles from the air taken in for drying.
The filter is easily accessible via a hatch in the front plinth.

Patented variable-speed pump with brushless motor
The heart and soul of the new generation of washer-disinfectors
and a USP is the variable-speed pump with integrated throughflow
heater elements.
• Direct heating of water in circulation saves time
• High spray pressure in the cleaning phase to dislodge soil and
provide the optimum conditions for cleaning cavities and narrowlumened
• Low spray pressure to ensure the uniform wetting of all surfaces
in the neutralisation phase
• Particularly efficient use of water and energy by modulating spray
pressure to suit needs
• Low-maintenance thanks to modern technology

Hygienic chamber
A completely redesigned chamber on the new washer-disinfectors
enables high capacities and excellent hygiene.
• Laser technology is used to weld the chamber sections to give a
perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish offering no nooks or crannies
where blood or soil can accumulate
• The removal of heater elements from the chamber removes
a further potential source of a build-up of contamination and
eliminates the risk of plastic items melting on contact with the
• Increased space in the chamber increases the load capacity per
cycle (e.g. 6 DIN mesh trays)

Rear basket docking system
The relocation of the docking system for upper and lower
baskets and load carriers to the rear of the chamber guarantees
a more streamlined water and air circuit and improves the use of
• Shorter circulation paths help minimise pressure losses and
reductions in water temperature
• Automatically self-sealing valves when not in use ensure
uniformly high spray pressure
• Use of same docking system to supply load carriers with water
and hot air for internal drying

Optimised spray arms
The new spray arm design consistently improves on progress
made on previous model series and ensures the ultimate in
reprocessing reliability.
• Different nozzle forms ensure the forceful removal of persistent
soil and the uniform wetting of wash loads
• Elimination of water reflections in spray curtain thanks to new
arrangement of nozzles on spray arms
• Lower water consumption per cycle without any trade-off in terms
of cleaning performance

Safety through constant checks
The new washer-disinfectors feature spray pressure and spray
arm monitoring and some models also monitor water conductivity.
These advanced sensors make a considerable contribution
towards ensuring the reliability of reprocessing.
• Blockages caused by protruding load items are immediately
• Spray pressure losses as a result for example of excessive
foaming is reliably detected
• Deviations from the selected conductivity level in the final rinse
water are reliably detected.
• Thanks to integrated sensors, deviations from the programme
parameters are immediately recognised, allowing rapid
intervention on the part of users.

The highly innovative programmes on the new PG 85 washer-disinfectors allow
the improved chamber design, the high-performance spray technology and
increased injector capacity to be utilised to the full.
All models also feature two vacant programme slots for freely programmable
cycles to cater for individual needs. The result: superb reprocessing performance
combined with high-level efficiency.

Vario TD instruments
In order to meet the wide-ranging needs
of clients, the new washer-disinfectors
are equipped with numerous applicationspecific
programmes. For greater efficiency
and capacity, Miele offers Vario TD
programmes for 4 or 6 mesh trays. The
optimised use of cabinet space and highperformance
spray technology allows a
maximum of 6 standard DIN mesh trays
to be reprocessed per cycle in the new
washer-disinfectors. Different programmes
for 4 and 6 mesh trays offer the benefits of
curtailing the cycle time for 4 mesh trays
by approx. 10 minutes and saving approx.
20 l of water.

Vario TD ENT optics
Miele caters for highly specific applications
such as the needs of ENT specialists. The
fibre optics used in the ENT discipline
are extremely expensive and hence
reprocessing turnaround times should be
as short as possible. The Vario TD ENT
optics programme serves to reprocess
slightly soiled ENT fibre optics and has a
very short cycle time of only 20 mins.
Furthermore, models PG 8582 and PG
8592 each offer 2 vacant programme slots
which can be used to cater for users'
individual needs.


מדיח דלת אחת לכלי ניתוח ב 6 סלסלות - ייבוש אקטיבי- PG8592