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מכשיר לספירת דם המטולוגית - Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler
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New-generation Swelab is here. Building on a proud tradition dating back to 1956, Swelab Alfa Plus analyzers now come packed with the latest user-friendly technologies that make it even easier for you to obtain, analyze and share accurate hematology results.

7-inch touch-sensitive display with landscape-view WVGA color screen.
Powerful new software with simple-to-understand, easy-to-navigate menus.
Interface design promotes smooth operation and accurate assessment of results.
Soft lighting plus new ergonomic design simplify sample handling.
USB port is evidence of much improved connectivity and communication.
The familiar Swelab design houses many new features and functions.

Swelab Alfa Plus hematology analyzers combine unmatched reliability with maximum ease of operation. Fast and user-friendly, their highly-accurate results are backed up by built-in quality monitoring and low instrument maintenance. In addition, a complete system solution comprising instruments, reagents and QC materials ensures outstanding performance time after time.
Sampling to full CBC in under 50 seconds

Three new Swelab Alfa Plus analyzers include MPA micro-pipette adapter sampling. Based on a simple finger prick sample taken directly from the patient, this unique feature transforms Swelab into what is probably the fastest blood cell counter in the world today.
New graphical interface boosts user-friendliness

Already renowned for its ease-of-use, Swelab Alfa Plus now includes a 7-inch touch-sensitive display featuring a 800 × 480 pixel WVGA color screen with a landscape view.
Walk-away analyzer

Swelab Alfa Plus sampler is ideal for small to medium sized hospitals. Pre-load up to 2 x 20 samples and let Swelab Alfa Plus Sampler do the job.
Maintenance-free shear-valve

Every Swelab Alfa Plus analyzer comes equipped with a high-precision shear-valve. No other sampling technique collects blood as precisely as a shear valve. It’s a critical part of the measurement that you’ll see reflected in the accuracy of every result you report.
Swelab Alfa Plus Basic

Even the basic model includes shear-valve technology.
Swelab Alfa Plus Standard

Five-sample mixer is ideal for doctors’ offices and small labs.
Swelab Alfa Plus Cap

Closed-tube sampling minimizes risks from contaminated blood.
Swelab Alfa Plus Sampler

For up to 2 x 20 samples. Just load and walk away.

מכשיר לספירת דם המטולוגית - Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler